First man.

“Ciel est toujours aussi bleu…”

It’s been a while I haven’t reviewed any movies / books, not sure if I’ve been loosing my words or emotions…

First Man is not my favorite movie this year yet the soundtracks are. Last year I thought Justin has done all he could ever do with La La Land, but this year he comes back to surprise me with First Man… Another Oscar will be waiting for you Justin. 

Difficult to say if Ryan Gosling is a good actor, as he’s never changed his way to play, especially his body languague, from gangster to assassin and now astronaut, always a gentleman on the screen all along his career, and nothing else… yet always a big pleasure to watch his movies. (guess he’s too handsome for me to say no ahihi ! )

Claire Foy’s stunning performance is the most beautiful highlight that made me nailed to my chair. I love her eyes that say everything. The last scene is really impressive, without any words obviously. :)

On the whole, one more remarkable movie made by Damien Chazelle, an excellent story-teller, such as Lalaland, Whiplash… He doesn’t make many but he makes goods.

Bình Yên.

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